Watering Guide

Watering is the most time consuming task that is required to establish newly transplanted trees and shrubs. Understanding the importance of timely watering is critical to developing a sustainable plan.

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There are three basic questions that need to be answered.

1. How much water does my new tree need?
2. What is the best method of watering?
3. When can I stop watering?

The most common question asked is, "how much water does my tree need per week?"
As a rule of thumb we follow the graph below when determining weekly water requirements . . .

Size of tree caliper = What Quantity of water per week

1 inch caliper = 10 gal.
2 inch caliper = 15 gal.
3 inch caliper = 20 gal.
4 inch caliper = 25 gal.
5 inch caliper = 30 gal.

Too much water can kill the tree. Saturated soils have little oxygen and the roots literally drown.

The second primary question revolves around how to water. Several methods are acceptable.
Our favorite method is water bags. They provide a measurable amount of water in a slow release manner. Other methods are outlined in more detail in the attached link at the bottom of this page

Finally the last question is how long to water during the year and for how many years should you water. We typically water until freezing temperatures are prevalent into November. We also recommend that newly planted trees be watered for at least two years and during drought years afterward.

A link is provided to an excellent guide offering more details as it relates to why, how much and for how long newly planted trees should be watered . . .

Watering Guide (PDF)