Big Trees 4U Full Replacement Warranty

We simply will not sell any tree we are not convinced is completely healthy.Our goal is NOT to replace trees and because of the health of our trees, care, planting methods and customer assistance provided by Big Trees 4U we rarely have too. Rest assured that we will partner with you to make every tree a thriving success. Our business depends on it!

Fertilization, proper watering, minor pruning, insect scouting and an annual inspection is recommended for a period of at least 3-5 years after the planting of your new tree to help re-establish your transplanted tree. We offer an annual service to help you if you prefer.

We cannot warrant any tree that is watered with an irrigation system designed for turf grass. Please read, understand and follow all of our Watering Guide.

The Big Trees 4U Full Replacement Warranty covers all large caliper trees (2” to 4” caliper) which are installed by Big Trees 4U or our assigned agents. We guarantee our trees to be true to the description or name under which they are sold. We guarantee to provide a tree that is alive and free of disease and pests. We will guarantee the tree and planting 100% from the date of installation for the warranty period of one full calendar year assuming proper care by the customer.

Proper care by the customer includes following the Watering Guide provided at the time of sale. This warranty does not cover extreme or abnormal weather conditions. We are not responsible for acts of God, animal damage, insect damage, criminal actions, contaminated soil, fungus, mold or mechanical damage and trees displaying these symptoms will be void of warranty. Improper tree care by the customer, as established in the Watering Guide, will void the warranty. We shall in no case be liable for any sum greater that the amount originally received for such nursery stock. Replacement trees will be used from our stock availability at the time of the replacement. You are only eligible for one replacement tree per tree originally purchased. Replacement trees will not be covered under any sort of warranty.

Trees must be watered immediately after receiving them, and trees must be given adequate time to reestablish themselves after installation. For this reason no tree will be replaced until it has been in the ground at least one full year, or as long as deemed necessary by a Big Trees 4U representative.

Proactivity is often the best tool and we ask that you contact us as soon as you sense something might be wrong with your tree. We WANT to help!